Gym Rental

Gym Details:

Gym Details:

Are you looking for a place to practice or for a quality gym in Bel Air? Rained out or snow on the field. Our turf is available on a first-come-first-served basis. Please call or inquire below for gym rental availability.

When you rent our gym facility in Bel Air, you’ll have private access to our incredible facilities and fitness experts. Some gym rental options we offer are:

  • Group Team Turf Rentals

  • Personal Trainers

  • 25 yards long x 15

  • 3400 feet of turf

Contact Coach Jack at (410) 808-8406 for inquiries.

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698 Bel Air Rd Harford Mall

Bel Air, Maryland 21014

(410) 219-0179


Parisi Evaluation: (Ages 7-18) Until an athlete knows his or her current level of ability, it is impossible to realistically recommend programming, create goals, and monitor progress. The Parisi Speed Evaluation is critical to every athlete in our program for four main reasons:

  1. Assess the current level of an athlete's ability.

  2. Allow proper placement in our variety of programming

  3. Provides individual coaching and focus

  4. Records and monitors progress toward success

The Parisi evaluation is mandatory for every athlete who enters the Parisi program. During the Evaluation, athletes are taught out signature dynamic warm-up are examined during our running analysis procedure and tested in a battery of physical speed & strength movements. After the evaluation, every athlete and parents meet individually with an evaluation to review results and select the appropriate program that fits the athlete's needs.


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