Where Do I Go From Here?

You have a dream but how do I achieve it?

Who can get me there?

The answer is complicated. An athlete needs the help and guidance of their parents, coach’s friends and teammates.

Your dream will come easy but it will cost a lot to achieve it. The cost of DISCIPLINE to train when everyone else is hanging out with their friends.

The cost of COMMITMENT of bringing your best to practice and training when you don’t feel like going at all

The cost of INTEGRITY of practicing and working hard on your own when nobody is watching.

We at the HOUZE OF SPORTS the home of the PARISI SPEED SCHOOL invite you to share your dreams with us and allow us to INSPIRE, EDUCEATE and TRAIN you to ACHIEVE and EXCEED your goals and expectations. We will demand the very best of you and train you to be the best athlete you can be.

We destroy the negative thoughts that sometimes creeps into an athletes mind by replacing those thoughts with empowerment that you can achieve anything you will to desire and work hard for. We will improve your athletic ability for faster linear and lateral speed while building your body to be more explosive and have the agility to change direction with more balance and power. This training will give an athlete more self-confidence to be that dominant force both on and off the field.


Let’s build your dream together at Houze Of Sports home of the Parisi Speed School and experience the success that over 650,000 athletes have already experienced.