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Speed Training At The Best Gym In Bel Air

Whether you’re a youth athlete starting a career with your favorite sport, a high school athlete looking to improve your performance, a semi-pro or professional athlete looking to enhance your abilities, or you’re just someone looking to increase your speed and better your physicality, we have the solution for you.

At Houze Of Sports, we offer an official branch of the Parisi Speed School, a program that offers the world’s most sought-after form of speed performance training. In today’s blog, we’re going to give you the rundown on our Parisi Speed School — what it is, and the classes we offer.

What Is The Parisi Speed School?

The Parisi Speed School is a speed training program that was created by Bill Parisi — an NCAA All-American Athlete, Olympian, and professional coach — to enhance the performance and experience of athletes. The school’s mission statement is as follows: “As the industry leader in performance enhancement, we will continue to deliver a positive training experience that improves speed of movement and strength in character regardless of ability or economic status.”

Clearly, the Parisi Speed School is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their athletic potential in a healthy, responsible way. At Houze Of Sports, we identified with the Parisi Speed School’s mission and sports performance training programs, so we pursued a partnership with them.

After undergoing their partnership process, we achieved the status of an approved and certified partner of the Parisi Speed School. This means that you can trust that you or your child is receiving official speed training from a trusted partner of the coveted Parisi Speed School. In fact, you can view our official Parisi Partner page here.

Parisi Speed Training is measured, intentional, and effective. It assesses an athlete’s ability and then combines strength and conditioning training, sports performance training, and more to help said athlete improve their performance on all planes. Here’s a small list of some topics we’ll cover throughout the Parisi Speed programs we provide:

  • Physical fitness education

  • Physical health education

  • Coordination

  • Athletic fundamentals (running form, injury prevention, flexibility, etc.)

  • Self confidence

  • Achieving athletic potential

  • Breaking personal records

  • And so much more!

When it comes to who can benefit from the Parisi Speed School at the Houze Of Sports, the answer is just about everyone! At our gym in Bel Air, we offer classes for people as young as 7 years old to young adults at age 19. That being said, if you’re an athlete over the age of 19 and are interested in our Parisi Speed School, contact us to discuss your options! We want to help as many people achieve their athletic goals as possible, and we’ll be happy to figure out an option for you.

To summarize, the Parisi Speed School is a program that combines sports science and sports psychology to help athletes first understand and then achieve their potential. As it stands, the Parisi Speed School has helped over 650,000 athletes achieve their potential, and at Houze Of Sports, we’re ready to facilitate our partnered Parisi Speed School to help you do the same.

Classes We Offer

At Houze Of Sportz, we offer a great selection of Parisi Speed School classes. Here’s a quick overview of those classes we offer.

Youth Sports Conditioning

This is the perfect introduction to athletic training for our young patrons. In the Youth Sports Conditioning class, we teach the basic elements of nutrition, as well as the basics of movement.

While this moves mountains in terms of helping young athletes develop a sturdy foundation, we achieve awesome results through engaging, fun activities like games, obstacle courses, relay races, and different sports. What’s more, if your child is homeschooled, this class could serve to fulfill their physical education requirements.

Jump Start

The next iteration of our Parisi Speed School is our Jump Start class. Where our Youth Sports Conditioning class is broadly open to young people, the Jump Start class is dedicated to kids from ages 7-12.

In this class, we intentionally introduce and implement speed training concepts to our students. First we learn about speed and how speed training works, and then focus their speed, acceleration, and their ability to promptly change direction using Parisi’s world-changing techniques.

This course will hone your young athlete’s ability while improving their performance and creating a strong physical foundation. Not only will this help prevent future sports injuries, but it will also enable them to further hone their athletic skills and ability as they progress with future training.

Total Performance

Our Total Performance class is intended for young athletes ages 12 to 18. As the name implies, this class provides top-tier performance training. We’ll focus the athlete’s core, hips, and legs to either hone or create a strong foundation that will help them achieve their top speed.

Using different vertical and horizontal jumps, we’ll improve acceleration and speed. Additionally, this class helps create disciplined, game-changing athletes that understand hard work and athletic progression.

Elite Program

Our Elite Program class is made for athletes aged 16-19. This is directly intended for those athletes who are intentionally preparing for college athletics. Where other Parisi Speed programs we offer focus on forming a solid foundation for young athletes, the Parisi Speed School’s Elite Program is designed to help you achieve the pinnacle of your ability so you can perform above your competition at a collegiate level.

The benefits of this program are two-fold. For one, athletes in our Elite Program will receive elite speed and performance training from the world’s best speed training program. What’s more, they’ll have filmed sessions that they can use to show to prospective schools. These videos will clearly show the athletic ability of the person shown as well as their dedication to working on the fundamentals of athletics that require commitment and discipline.

Team Training

Where the other classes we offer are dedicated to individual athletes pursuing an extra-curricular sports performance training experience, we also offer Parisi Speed School Team Training classes. As we’ve discussed at length, Parisi Speed Training is the industry leader when it comes to speed and performance training, so it’s a natural fit for any athletic team.

Be it a high school football team or a grassroots basketball program, your team’s athletic performance and bond will be improved through our rigorous, fruitful training. While this goes without saying, this level of training will benefit your team in every possible way!

What’s more, we can tailor your team’s training experience to your needs with a sports-specific curriculum. As it stands, we currently have basketball, field hockey, baseball, football, lacrosse, and soccer.

Camps And Events

Finally, we offer camps and events throughout the calendar year. During our camps and events, we will focus on some sports performance and speed training techniques from the Parisi Speed School, however, these camps and events are intended for sports instruction, so the major focus will be on sports instruction and practice. We assemble expert coaches from the area to give a heightened experience you can’t get from your average sports practice.

Joining Our Parisi Speed School

If you are an athlete who wants to participate in our Parisi Speed School, a coach looking to introduce your athletes to Parisi, or you’re a parent looking to develop an excellent athletic foundation in your young athlete, here’s how you can join. Honestly, it’s pretty simple — for any of the Parisi Speed School classes we offer, you just simply have to contact us today to get enrolled. We’ll fill you in with specifics on the class — everything you need to know from costs to times — and make sure you or your athlete(s) is signed up for the class that’s going to benefit them.

Houze Of Sports

At Houze Of Sports, we take immense pride in the fact that we’re a partner of the Parisi Speed School. And while we are ecstatic to share this awesome resource with you, we also offer other athletic services. From our state of the art gym to our group and personal training programs, we have options for any person looking to be more active and athletic. Like our Parisi Speed School, all you need to do to get started is contact us today.