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Houze Of Sports - The Best Gym In Bel Air

Hello, and welcome to the Houze Of Sports blog! This is where you can find great content about all things fitness — from workout routines to tips and tricks regarding how you can live a healthier life, we’ll be posting content here intended to help our community members in Bel Air. ]

In this initial blog post, we’re going to start simple. Today, we’ll be talking about what services you can utilize at the Houze Of Sports — Bel Air’s best gym facility. In addition to covering the fitness services you can utilize at our gym, we’ll talk a bit about what our mission is and what you can expect when you work with our elite trainers.

Stop searching for a “gym near me,” and keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the only gym you’ll ever use in Bel Air.

Who We Are

If we had to summarize who we are and what we do in one sentence, it’d have to be: we’re a group of elite trainers dedicated to helping our clients reach their goals and achieve a higher level of wellness.

Now that we’ve given the summary, allow us to elaborate. At Houze Of Sports, we pour every drop of our expertise and experience into creating workouts, daily objectives, and fitness plans that are entirely engineered to help you meet the goals you have for your wellbeing, overall satisfaction, and desired results.

In fact, we’ve worked to integrate our philosophy into our name. That’s why the “Houze” in Houze Of Sports stands for:

H: Honest and inspiring coaches who are wholly dedicated to you.

O: Our commitment to educating clients on fitness and wellness.

U: U are the most important. Your goals and well-being are what matter.

Z: Zealous persistence to help you achieve your goals.

E: Excellence in sports performance and fitness training.

At the end of the day, we want to help you. We can’t stress it enough! We have a culture of passion and understanding. We want you to feel welcome in our gym and excited to crush your workout.

What We Do

Now that we understand who we are and our approach to fitness, let’s cover what fitness services we can offer you.

Adult Fitness Classes

Our adult fitness classes are one of our more popular fitness services. Our small group training classes incorporate stretching, cardio training, and strength training — all wrapped up in a unique, inspiring, and engaging theme.

Some of our small group fitness classes include Bootcamp, an intense, high-energy fitness course; Turn Up, an exciting, dance-oriented fitness course; and much more! We’re constantly adding small group training classes and creating innovative ways for people to get fit via activities they enjoy and are excited to do!

Learn more about our adult fitness classes here.

Parisi Speed School

Parisi is a speed training method from the Parisi Speed School that’s backed by sports science and sports psychology. This innovative speed training method combines enhancement drills, enhancement workouts, education, as well as training tools and equipment.

Whether you’re an aspiring professional athlete, you’re looking to up your performance in high school sports, or you’re simply looking to improve your overall athleticism, Parisi is perfect for you. We offer different classes for different age groups, and can happily facilitate a team Parisi training if your entire team could benefit from the method.

In case you were wondering, Houze Of Sportz has been certified and approved to offer Parisi Training from the Parisi Speed School. If you’re interested in learning more about Parisi or the different Parisi Speed Training courses we offer, visit this page!

Gym Rentals

At Houze Of Sports, we want to enable you to achieve your fitness goals however you need to. That’s why we rent out our gym and Bel Air. We have turf, strength training, and more! What’s more, you’ll also get access to our elite personal trainers. So whether it’s a family workout, a special training for your sports team, or anything else you can think of, make use of our incredible facility!

To learn more, check out our page on gym rentals.


From sports parties for the young ones to themed bachelor parties, there is no limit to the interesting and memorable parties you can host at the Houze Of Sports. Our facility is capable of hosting athletic challenges, games, and more, so we can create a plan to throw you a party you’ll cherish.

The only limiting factors are our imaginations! Follow this link to learn more about party opportunities at Houze Of Sports in Bel Air.

Houze Of Sports

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a bit about who we are and what it is that we do at the Houze Of Sports. These aren’t necessarily the only services we have to offer, so if you find yourself with questions about what we’ve talked about or a fitness experience we haven’t covered today, please contact us today! We’ll answer any questions and make sure you have all of the information you need.

And before we go, we have to let you know about our current, amazing deal! If you visit our gym for an evaluation and sign up with us that same day, we’ll waive your evaluation fee. This means you can save $40!