About Us

About Us

Want to know more about our gym in Bel Air, what we do, and why we do it? Simply look at yourself. This is because, at Houze of Sports, all we’ve ever been about is you — your wellbeing, your satisfaction, your results. Every fitness plan, workout, and daily objective is designed and engineered to help you reach your personal goals. We’re not just spouting cliches when we say that your success is our success. We truly care about helping you reach your next level of athletic performance and physical wellness.

Offering Parisi Speed Training for athletes of all ages and skill levels, our team of certified Parisi trainers works to foster physical and mental fitness as well as athletic competency. Backed by years of experience and knowledge, our techniques have been proven to increase speed and endurance, improve flexibility and balance, and boost strength. Participants have also reported an increase in agility while gaining confidence on and off the field. All the components contribute to making comprehensive and intensive sports performance and speed training regimen.

Focused on providing exemplary service without compromise, our gym in Bel Air never relies on cookie-cutter fitness plans. We customize each athlete’s program to their specific health needs and athletic objectives. We govern our everyday approach with:

H: Honest & inspiring coaches

O: Our commitment to educate

U: U are the most important

Z: Zealous persistence to achieve your goals

E: Excellence in fitness and sports performance training

Discover the possibilities and unlock your potential by getting started at Houze of Sports today. We promise professional, personalized fitness services with a smile.


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Parisi Evaluation: (Ages 7-18) Until an athlete knows his or her current level of ability, it is impossible to realistically recommend programming, create goals, and monitor progress. The Parisi Speed Evaluation is critical to every athlete in our program for four main reasons:

  1. Assess the current level of an athlete's ability.

  2. Allow proper placement in our variety of programming

  3. Provides individual coaching and focus

  4. Records and monitors progress toward success

The Parisi evaluation is mandatory for every athlete who enters the Parisi program. During the Evaluation, athletes are taught out signature dynamic warm-up are examined during our running analysis procedure and tested in a battery of physical speed & strength movements. After the evaluation, every athlete and parents meet individually with an evaluation to review results and select the appropriate program that fits the athlete's needs.


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